Thoughts carry power and energy.

Words carry power and energy.

And Feelings carry power and energy.

Those who are gifted to see energy, can see powerballs of hurt being hurled at one another when two people are arguing angrily.

Loving, compassionate energy can also be seen, and can be felt.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As
you simplify your
life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.

Henry David Thoreau

     What a Reiki Session is Like

There is a lot of research now about the importance of touch, the importance of human touch. We also know from a study at Princeton University that touching builds up the immune system, called libidinal refueling. When you hug someone, you literally recharge the powerful energy in the body.

Every Reiki session is different, because everyone is different and has specific needs.

Most people experience relaxation. Often people experience a deep feeling of peace. Sometimes they are aware of a feeling of love energy. T
he effects of a session can be felt on any or all levels. Some clients feel tingling, heat or cold, and the Reiki energy gives them whatever it is that they need. I have had sessions when I felt my hands were hot with energy and the client felt them as cold. During the chakra clearing, some clients have said it was a very pleasant feeling, washing away any negative energy.  Some clients may feel nothing, but almost everyone experiences deep relaxation.
In preparation for a Reiki session, I will meditate and pray for the client and the session. I will prepare and make Sacred the Reiki space so the client will feel peace and be comfortable during the session. Before we begin, I will explain to the client what I will be doing and we will talk about specific areas of concern if the client wishes. 

Results are sometimes subtle. Some clients say after a session, they enjoy a sense of calm and well being and a deep restful sleep. Sometimes a client will experience powerful sensations or emotions during or after a session with a release through tears.  One client experienced an emotional release two weeks after a session.

The Reiki session can last from 15-20 minutes to an hour, to however long it takes to complete a session.

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What do YOU need to do to prepare?

It is best if you do not eat before a session. You may eat a light snack an hour before the session if you feel you need to, but nothing heavy. You do not want to have a Reiki session on a full stomach, because you will want to get the best result possible.

When you come for a session, you will want to wear loose, comfortable clothing. You will lie on a Reiki table fully clothed, all except for your shoes. Please leave heavy metal articles or jewelry and belts at home. They will hurt the surface you lie down on. Reiki technique can be received in any setting - sitting up, in a bed, lying on the floor, through casts or bandages. Little or no pressure will be applied and no oils will be used. Your Reiki practitioner will be focused and place their hands in a series of positions lightly on the body or above the body in your auric or energy field or, when guided by intuition, placed on an area of imbalance or possibly discomfort. You will receive Reiki energy on any level it is needed, because it is the Reiki energy that determines what you need.

The client's best interest and wellbeing are uppermost in a Reiki healer's mind at all times.